PEI Architects projects make the list of “The Top 10 Unfinished Bank Headquarters Buildings in China.”

Bank of China Free Trade Zone Mixed-Use Development Shanghai, China
Sanxiang Bank Mixed-Use Development, Changsha, Hunan, China

According to the 2021 “Top 1000 World Banks Ranking” released by the British “The Banker” magazine, China is the growth engine of today’s world banking industry, with 144 Chinese banks on the list. According to The Banker, this list is based on Tier 1 capital and has become an important yardstick for measuring the comprehensive strength of global banks. The 144 Chinese banks on the list currently hold $2.96 trillion in Tier 1 capital, nearly double that of the U.S.-listed banks.  There are ten unfinished bank headquarters buildings in China to explore the new ideas and new concepts of financial architectural design by well-known architectural firms. Two of PEI Architect’s projects are featured in the article published by several notable publications. Read More