Toh Tsun Lim Speaks on Smart Cities and Sustainable Planning

Toh Tsun Lim at Columbia China Forum – 2024

Ebbing with Changes, Flowing in Tandem” was the theme of this year’s conference hosted by Columbia China Forum (CCF), held on March 23rd at Low Library on the Columbia University campus. Various topics under this theme included China-Southeast Asia relations, urban development and smart cities, China-U.S. economic decoupling, artificial intelligence, and Chinese cinema.

  1. The Urban Development Panel focused on Smart Cities and Sustainable Planning. The discussion centered on urban planning strategies in China and the U.S., as well as the utilization of smart city technology in shaping and developing large-scale urban plans. The panel was moderated by Andrew Stokols of MIT, and the panelists included Helena Rong of Columbia University, Shan Jiang from Tufts University, Toh Tsun Lim from PEI Architects, and Wei Chen from WEi Studio.

Columbia China Forum (CCF) is a two-day international forum on China’s development and U.S.-China relations organized by Columbia undergraduates and co-sponsored by Columbia Global Centers | Beijing as the academic advisor.

A platform for constructive dialogue between the United States and China, CCF brings together leading figures in politics, academia, business, and culture to share insights on China-related topics; to develop personal relationships among motivated youths; to present diverse opinions, engage in meaningful discussions and generate constructive advice on issues of mutual importance; and to chart a path for a prosperous shared future.