Suzhou Museum

This museum of Chinese culture is located in the historic quarter of the ancient city of Suzhou. It adjoins the landmarked Zhong Wang Fu, a traditional Chinese mansion complex with courtyards and gardens, and the Garden of the Humble Administrator, a 16th-century garden listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The museum opened to the public in 2006. 

LOCATION: Suzhou, China
CLIENT: Suzhou Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio and Television
SIZE: 165,670 SQ.FT / 15,390 SQ.M

CATEGORY: Cultural

The Museum contains galleries scaled to the objects on display, archive rooms, a cafe and a gift shop. The design takes its cues from the rich vocabulary of Suzhou’s traditional architecture, with its whitewashed plaster walls, dark-grey clay tile roofs, and intricate garden architecture.