Museum of Islamic Art Park

Located adjacent to the acclaimed Museum of Islamic Art designed by the partners’ father I.M. Pei, the Museum of Islamic Art Park is an approximately 70-acre public space that transforms the waterfront of Doha. It was the collaborative objective of PEI and the landscape architects QMA to make the park a major attraction for children, adults and artists, and a haven for cultural, educational and recreational exploration.

LOCATION: Doha, Qatar

CLIENT: Qatar Museums Authority (QMA)

SIZE: Approx. 70 acres/28 hectares

STATUS: Completed 2012

CATEGORY: Cultural

The park forms the north part of the existing corniche. A grand lawn of sloped geometrical planes with two valleys includes a series of tensile structures within the hollows that complement the geometry of the hills. The structures function as open gathering places covering kiosks and program elements such as a café, restaurant and restrooms. The Park is terminated opposite the Museum with Richard Serra’s “7” sculpture, almost 80 feet high.