Lanxi High-Speed Rail Station

Lanxi High-Speed Rail Station in Lanxi, Zhejiang, China comprises of a train station, a long-distance busstation, commercial spaces and an urban plaza. The design of the Lanxi High-Speed Train Station starts from the local customs and culture of the city, aiming to combine the picturesque landscape with the rich humanistic history to create a unique station.

LOCATION: Lanxi, Zhejiang,  China

CLIENT: China State Railway Group Co., Ltd

SIZE: 15,000 SQ. M / 161,458 SQ. FT.

STATUS:  Unbuilt

CATEGORY: Government

Inspired by the folding fan that integratestraditional wisdom and geometric aesthetics, the building is like a beautiful folding fan slowly unfolding. The concave and convex folds at the spine form a space full of rhythm, while also echoing the architectural language and spatial order of the black bricks of the Jiangnan folk house. The vacancy of the folding fan junction creates skylights through which warm natural light will spill into the lobby.

Under the landscape platform, the smooth entry and exit passages will efficiently divert the inbound and outbound crowds. The two share the same space, but it is divided into two completely parallel areas, operating independently. Making full use of the relationship between light, shadow and space, and carefully controlling the line of sight, the design will guide visitors to the exits. The semi-circular shape of the passageway freezes the bright and magnificent lobby like a picture frame, attracting visitors. The metal texture passage connects the natural Mountain View with the humanistic lobby.

A bright lobby allows for outbound and inbound passengers to share a common relaxing space, taking into account circulation and security at the station.

After leaving the station, visitors will reach the wide and magnificent Lanxi Square. Here they will merge with the local residents and start a wonderful trip to Lanxi.