Embassy of the People's Republic of China

The Chancery Building is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Chinese architectural planning principles and an evocation of craftsmanship and timelessness.

LOCATION: Washington. D.C, USA
CLIENT: Department of Administration Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China
SIZE: 429,480 SQ. FT./39,900 SQ. M.

CATEGORY: Government

The building is defined by enduring materials thoughtfully detailed in an understated, dignified composition.

Precisely constructed geometries respond like abstract sculptural forms.

These prominent stone volumes suffuse the public corridors with delicately filtered daylight. Site-specific artwork like this sculpture by contemporary artist Xu Bing animate the main reception areas.

Elegant, graceful and generously proportioned staircases, like this spiral winder connecting two public levels, occupy important junctions in the ceremonial passageways of the embassy.

A sculpture by Liu Dan, another prominent contemporary artist, is situated on a grand outdoor terrace.