Al Manhal City Masterplan

The 143-acre Al Manhal City site occupies a prime central location within downtown Abu Dhabi on the grounds of the former Al Manhal Palace. This makes the site highly developable compared with other development projects in Abu Dhabi that require new roads, bridges, water and power lines to be put in place before development can happen. The site functions as a “green lung” within the city, as many of the trees and shrubs planted as part of the grounds of the palace have matured and developed into a substantial urban forest.


CLIENT: International Capital Trading – The Office of Sheikh Zayid

SIZE: 143 Acre Site

The opportunity exists to create a globally recognized urban landmark of high commercial value while still providing invaluable open space and green areas within the city fabric. 

The spatial arrangement of the master plan is based on the following series of overlaying principles:

– The grid pattern of the existing city

  • – The relaxed, meandering pattern of the new enclosed street
  • – The location of a new 62-story tower as a landmark structure within the city
  • – The creation of new street frontage on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum

  Promenade “Airport Road” and Al Manhal Street

– The orientation of new towers on an east/west axis to minimize solar heat gain

  • – The inclusion of new parks, plazas and water features within the project
  • – Parking on two levels below ground level, naturally lit and ventilated