PEI Architects Wins Golden Award of Macau Architecture Award

Children are naturally inquisitive. It’s a wonderful age when the craving for knowledge is voracious. This is the best time to pique their interests and get them interested in how the world works and maybe even pursue a passion in the different disciplines of science.

It takes just one spark of curiosity for one little boy or one little girl to be inspired to pursue a path as a scientist, engineer or doctor. The Macao Science Center is the best place to begin an educational and fascinating journey into the world of sciences. It’s also a fun bonding activity for all family members.

This educational and enjoyable facility is an enthralling destination for kids of all ages and adults no matter how old they may be. It is a place that fascinates and inspires, a true learning hub for the young and old. It will nurture a child’s imagination, enflame an interest in science and a great outing for the whole family.

The Macao Science Center is open daily from 10am to 6pm except on Thursdays. The admission fees are categorized with MOP $25 for the exhibition center, MOP $60 to MOP $80 for the planetarium with 2D Dome and 2D Sky shows and 3D Dome and 3D Sky shows respectively. Children below 2 years old can visit for free. Visit their website for more details and information.