Partner Sandi Pei & Principal Toh Tsun Lim are interviewed by Architectural Record

In a recent article on the state of architecture design in China, contributing writer Cliff Pearson interviewed PEI Architect’s co-founder and co-owner Li Chung (Sandi) Pei and principal Toh Tsun Lim. The article, “U.S. Design Firms in China Feel the Chill,” examines current hindrances encountered by firms doing work in China. Sandi Pei states, “We haven’t experienced any reduction in work in China, but there are more hoops we have to jump through now.” Principal Toh Tsun Lim goes on to add, “The approval process is more complex now,” also pointing out that “Super-talls and mega-buildings are looked at more skeptically.” For the full story, you can read it here.