Lynch-Bages: 2020, A Year Like No Other

Lynch-Bages: 2020, a year like no other, writes Terre de Vins (Land of Wines), a bimonthly national magazine serving the wine industry.  In the recent article the magazine gives an update on the current status of the Château Lynch-Bages. The Château inaugurates a new era with its 2020 vintage where the harvest entered the brand new vat room. Chien Chung Pei traveled to France to spend a few days in Pauillac with the aim of keeping things in check. Terra de Vins states “By increasing the capacity of the vats and the pumping-over protocols tenfold, the plot selection is even more precise and the working conditions are very comfortable. So whatever the delay in the inauguration of the new facilities – the health crisis does not allow giving a date – the main thing is that the technical tool is functional.”