Looking Ahead - 2024

Grand Opening: Top San Hsiang

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As we look ahead to 2024 we are excited to see the completion of the Top San Hsiang (SANY Bank) Mixed-Use Development. A grand opening is scheduled for the summer. This project has already won an Honorable Mention by the 2023 DNA Paris Design Awards. PEI Architects is proud to be the design architect for this monumental project.

Top San Hsiang is located in the core area of the financial center in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, bordering the Xiang River scenic belt in the east and large residential areas in the west and north. The project covers an area of 7.49 acre, with a total construction area of 159,000 m ² and it includes the bank headquarters building and auxiliary building in the north and central area, and three apartment buildings in the south area, which are connected by two level commercial podiums. READ MORE

Projects Near Completion

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys. Guanglufang Hotel

Fuzhou, China

PEI Architects is architecturally redefining the site for the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys. Guanglufang Hotel, creating a venue that enhances the best features of the district. This site will become a destination landmark in the Sanfang Qixiang district. Completion is expected this year. READ MORE

Bank of China Shanghai Free Trade Zone Mixed-Use Development

Shanghai, China

A project of this magnitude is a testament to the continued importance of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone to China and the Bank’s commitment to the greater economy. This opportunity to develop a world class hotel and office tower marks yet another milestone in the exceptional growth this area has experienced as one of China’s most important developments. READ MORE

Bank of China Haikou Jiangdong International Financial Building

Haikou, China

This project is well underway and scheduled to be completed the summer of 2024. PEI Architects conceived of this project as a series of distinct floating volumes that clearly identifies each part of the program with its own unique building form. These buildings are unified by a large continuous podium that rings the site and is organized around a series of courtyards to bring light, air, and landscaping throughout the building. READ MORE

Bank of China Towers, Guangxi Branch

Nanning, China

This project will be a major hub for both the Bank of China and the central business community at large. The PEI design includes two contrasting towers that transform the monotony of the surrounding development grid by anchoring the site with two distinctively clad forms that stand in taut opposition to each other to create a unique and enduring landmark in Guangxi. The two towers are unified by a low building podium which shares the vertical fin expression of the tower above and contains retail, banking and conferencing facilities. READ MORE

New Development for SANY Group!

After successfully completing the design for SANY Group’s Hop San Hsiang project, SANY invited PEI Architects to participate in the global competition for the SANY Global Science and Technology Innovation Park project. After more than a year of three rounds of bidding with international leading firms, PEI ultimately won high recognition from the client and the judges, secured the bid for the project.

PEI Architects proposes an “3+1” comprehensive design, featuring the main building in the North District and three Research and Development office buildings in the Central and South Districts, forming a cohesive building cluster. This innovative park, named SANY Ecological Smart Park, aligns with the client’s objective of “cultivating first-class enterprises, nurturing top talents, and making significant contributions.” It aims to serve as a catalyst for modern services and establish a pioneering model for the development of green smart parks.