Didi Pei Provides a Window into Chinese Garden Design and History

May 28, 2020: New York, NY – Didi Pei presented part one of China Institute’s Pieces of China, an online series using objects to tell the story of China. In his presentation Didi discussed the design of the Suzhou Lions Grove Garden and how Chinese gardens differentiate from other gardens. Suzhou’s Lions Grove Garden constructed in 1342 during the Yuan Dynasty, demonstrates Chinese garden designers’ adept skills for synthesizing art, nature, and architecture to create unique metaphysical masterpieces.

“In Western design, a window is designed to let light in. In Chinese architecture…the window, because so much effort is spent composing the garden, is used as a picture frame to look at the garden. It’s not to let the light in. When you look at it from the outside, you are seeing a carefully framed view.” Didi Pei

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