The site is located at Kaisen Thousand Year Ancient Trees Garden in Pingan Village, Baitang Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. The total area is about 26.27ha. It is on the northwestern hillside of Guangdong Xiangtoushan National Nature Reserve and is embraced by numerous hills and mountains as well as ancient trees. The Kaisen Thousand Year Ancient Trees Garden is embraced by numerous ancient trees. The Ancient Trees Garden is creating a natural gravitational field of physical things, information and energy, and aims at protecting ancient trees and famous trees for its longevity and cultural inheritance.

The entrants(individuals/groups) of this competition are expected to fully consider the relationship of the buildings within the site and numerous ancient trees as IP. The theme of this competition, i.e., protection, return, inheritance, shall be expressed obviously. The relation of ancient trees’ civilization, humans and trees as well as nature is the core exploration and pursuit of this design. Designers shall design on the basis of this theme.