Fuzhou Three Lanes and Seven Alleys. Guanglufang Hotel

Fuzhou, China

The courtyard hotel site is a destination landmark that is entirely contextual but draws people in to explore its innovative interpretation of the history and culture that permeates the Sanfang Qixiang district. Construction is expected to be completed in 2023.

Bank of China Shanghai Free Trade Zone Commercial Towers

Shanghai, China

The project is organized by a pair of elegant, geometric towers that are coupled at the top by two rotated pyramids gently abutting at their tips. The organic outgrowth of these pyramids physically reach towards each other as if to shake hands in a gesture of outreach and cooperation.

Jiangdong International Financial Building

Haikou, China

PEI Architects (PEI) conceived of this project as a series of distinct floating volumes that clearly identifies each part of the program with its own unique building form.

Sanxiang Bank Headquarters for SANY Group

Changsha, China

A 106,138 sqm. mixed-used commercial/office waterfront complex to be developed in Changsha, Hunan. Construction completion expected in 2023

China Institute

New York, USA

Phase II of the new home of China Institute is a multi-function hall. Design is in progress. Completion anticipated in the Spring of 2023.

Yu Long State Guest Hotel

Chifeng, China

The new hotel and conference center opened in July 2018. The renovation of the old wings with a large covered courtyard and a new pool, tennis/basketball court and a large skylight over the courtyard are under construction.


Nanhai Cultural Center International Design Competition

Foshan, Guangzhou, China

 The program for this cultural complex consists of Library, Arts Exhibition, Science Exhibition, Urban Development, Sports Facilities, Performance Halls, Juvenile Activities, Elder Activities, Comprehensive Cultural Activities, etc. Construction is expected to be completed in 2024.


Bank of China Towers, Guangxi Branch

Nanning, China

The Bank of China’s presence in Guangxi will be marked by a small but distinctive crystalline tower clad with a specially etched double-skin façade which transforms the building into a glowing beacon of light.