Construction is forging ahead for Bank of China in Haikou

Construction is well underway for the Bank of China Haikou Jiangdong International Financial Building. The total construction area is 111,972 square meters, of which the above-ground construction area is 75,379 square meters and the underground construction area is 36,592 square meters. The commercial building in Lot 1 has 5 floors above ground at 24 meters high. The office building in Lot 2 has 17 floors above ground at 80 meters high, and the lease/office building in Lot 3 has 8 floors above ground at 40 meters high. The basements of the three buildings are all on two floors, accommodating the main office, the technical operation space, the public service area, the logistics assistance area, the underground parking and the external space.

Currently, the ground floor casting is set for completion on August 2021, the superstructure for early October and the bottom plate is scheduled for completion as early as the end of July 2021. The entire project is expected to be completed by 2023. Below are some images from a 360-VR clip showing the construction progress.

View the full video here.