Didi Pei talks at TEDxSanyiRoad about the needs of modern society and the need to protect the past

Do the best design at the best of times. In the minds of master architects, art or culture has no boundaries. It does not stick to a certain standard or category, but pays more attention to the expression of space, agility, fusion, and structure all make architecture leave an indelible mark in time.

Sanxiang Bank is designed by PEI Architects and is a “treasure” designed by Mr. Chien Chung Pei, the son of IM Pei. Through Changsha’s history, culture, and urban texture, it thinks about contemporary natural human settlements, combines architectural aesthetics with Hunan culture, and finally creates Chinese architecture that benchmarks against the world.

Chien Chung Pei, who is also an architect, inherits his father’s architectural design concept, and considers the impact of architecture on the city from the perspective of long-term development, not limited to the design of high-tech buildings, but also includes the protection of architectural heritage. When we look back on history, people’s memory of the city and society is the culture it left behind, and architectural heritage is an excellent carrier to glimpse historical culture and social changes.

Facing the relationship between urban development and architecture, finding a balance between the needs of modern society and the need to protect the past is what Chien Chung Pei insists and advocates, and it is also his interpretation and answer to the keyword “Degree & Do” of the TEDxSanyiRoad 2021 annual conference. To view the presentation click here.