About Us

Founding partners Li Chung (Sandi) Pei and Chien Chung (Didi) Pei


PEI Architects is dedicated to design excellence in the creation of architecture that serves and enriches people and their environments. Founding partners Chien Chung (Didi) Pei and Li Chung (Sandi) Pei learned from their father, world-renowned architect I. M. Pei, the exacting standards, craftsmanship, and social commitment required for buildings of timeless distinction. Pei Partnership Architects, founded in 1990, was renamed PEI Architects in 2019 to better recognize the team of talented men and women who contribute to the firm’s many achievements.

The accumulated knowledge and experience of PEI Architects has enabled the successful completion of numerous buildings around the world. All are based on our foundational ethos: “Respect for the past and responsiveness to present needs in the pursuit of enduring architecture.”

Services & Approach

PEI specializes in architecture, master planning, restoration, and interior design for high-profile projects, both very large and small. Its body of work includes high-rise residential towers, healthcare facilities, institutional buildings, museums, and corporate headquarters, as well as urban master plans and waterfront parks. The firm’s international body of work includes projects in the United States, Africa, Asia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East.

PEI Architects’ approach to design starts with a thorough understanding of the uniqueness of each project. Beyond the particulars of individual programs and building sites, we take into account larger physical and cultural contexts, always striving to meet the needs of clients and building occupants in a way that also contributes to the civic realm. Our designs respond sustainably to the natural environment and aim for a positive impact on community development. PEI Architects’ goal is to produce physical environments that respond thoughtfully to society’s needs.